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  Portable Fire Extinguishers
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  Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression
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  Special Hazards
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  Fire Alarm and Monitoring
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  Emergency Lighting
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  Marine Fire Suppression
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  Vehicle / Mobile Fire Equipment
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  Fire Sprinkler
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Systems and Products: Integrated Protection Systems Approach (IPSA)

* Fire Extinguishers & Accessories * Dry Chemical Systems * Carbon Dioxide Systems * Foam Systems * Kitchen Rangehood Systems * Fire Detection Systems * Security Systems * Clean Agent Suppression * Emergency and Exit Lighting* FM200 Systems * Fire and Sever Weather Warning and Evacuation Systems * UL Listed Monitoring Systems * Sprinkler Deluge and Pre-Action Detection Systems * Card Access Systems * Closed Circuit Television Camera Systems

Fire Equipment Service & Installation
- All Types of Fire Equipment

24 Hour UL Listed Monitoring
Hazard Analysis Surveys
UL Listed Installation
24 Hour Emergency Call
On-Site Recharging
** Fire Extinguisher Training
Certified Inspections
System Design
Project Management
Locator Plans

Portable Fire Extinguishers
Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers
Wheeled Fire Extinguishers
ABC and BC Dry Chemical
Pressurized Water
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Cartridge Operated Portables
Class D (Flammable Metals)
Potassium Bi-Carbonate (“Purple K”)

Fire Suppression Systems
High Pressure Carbon Dioxide CO2 Systems
FM200 Suppression Systems
Foam Suppression Systems
Large Dry Chemical Suppression Systems
Paint Spray Booth Fire Suppression
Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression Systems
Engineered Fire Suppression Systems
Marine Fire Suppression Systems
Low Pressure Carbon Dioxide CO2 Systems
Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Alarm And Detection Systems
Air Sampling Systems
Linear Heat Detection Systems
Beam Type Smoke Detectors
Voice Evacuation Systems
Ultra Violet and Infrared Sensors
Duct Type Smoke Detectors
Single Station Smoke Detectors
Multiplex Networked Fire Detection
Smoke Detector Guards
Smoke Detector Tester
Hearing Impaired Smoke Detectors
Manual Pull Stations
Manual Pull Station Protectors
Horn Light Units
ADA Audio Visual Notification Appliance
(Americans with Disabilities compliance)
Fire System Accessories
Fire Extinguisher Covers
Architectural Fire Extinguisher Cabinets
Vehicle Brackets
Stopper Cabinet Alarms
Mounting Brackets & Accessories
Monthly Inspection Tags
Locator Signs
Life Ladders
Fire Axes, Fire Brooms
Fire Blankets
Chimflex Chimney Fire Extinguisher

Fire Hoses & Related Products
Single or Double Jacked
Fire Hose Cabinets & Covers
Hose Rack Assemblies / Rack and Reel
Brass Goods – Caps And Plugs
Couplings Adapters and Reducers
Hydrant Wrenches
Universal Spanner Wrenches

Emergency Lighting Systems
Emergency and Exit Light Service
Replacement Batteries
Replacement Bulbs
Exit Signs and Lighting

Gas Detection Systems
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
LEL Flammable Gas
Toxic Gas

Sprinkler Detection Systems
Sprinkler Deluge Releasing Systems
Sprinkler Pre-Action Releasing System
Sprinkler Flow and Tamper Switches
** Sprinkler System Inspections

Security Systems

Digital Communicators
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
Access Control Systems
Door and Garage Contacts
PIR Motion Sensors

* Fire Extinguisher Training * Clean Agent * FM200 * Carbon Dioxide (CO2) * FE13 * Foam * FE25 * Wet Chemical * Engineered * Pre-Engineered * Total Flood * Low Pressure * Large Dry Chemical * Multiplex Networked Fire Detection * Voice Evacuation * Smoke Detectors * Mass Notification * UL Listed Installation * Air Sampling * Carbon Monoxide Detectors * Gas Detection * Deluge Releasing * Pre-Action Releasing * Fire Hose * SCBA * Marine * UL300 * ADA Compliance *

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