Fire Extinguishers

FESCO offers a mobile service, we come to your location and inspect your fire extinguishers. Our service will keep your equipment ready, in working order and help you stay in compliance with state, local, NFPA and insurance requirements. We keep track of your inspections to ensure that subsequent inspections occur within the required timeframe as dictated by code. FESCO will provide the necessary inspection and/or testing paperwork for your records, these will serve as proof that your facility is in compliance with NFPA standards. If we find deficiences we will let you know why you are not in compliance with code and what is needed to correct the issue(s).

Monthly Inspections – The NFPA requires inspection of your extinguisher every 30 days. This is defined as a quick check to give reasonable assurance the equipment will function properly. During this check a technician will visually inspect the unit, clean, check pull pin, gauge, placement and the area for access as well as provide documentation of the inspection.

Annual Maintenance – This is a thourough maintenance of each extinguisher, it includes recharges, six year maintenance and hydrostatic testing as required by NFPA and/or the local AHJ. Unlike the Monthly Inspection, the Annual Inspection must be performed by a licensed professional.

Internal Maintenance and Hydrostatic Testing – Stored pressure ABC extinguishers are very common, they require internal maintenance every 6 years and hydrostatic testing every 12 years. Other types of extinguishers vary in their internal examination and testing intervals.


Our offerings include in classroom and live Fire Extinguisher training. The training FESCO provides complies with OSHA requirements. We are proficient in the training and orientation of your personnel on many types of fire detection and suppression systems. The best fire protection equipment is worthless if no one knows how to use it, whether it is a portable fire extinguisher or an automatic detection system. Don’t be caught unprepared in the event of an emergency.

We carry an array of stocked items: caps, hoses, nozzles, fire extinguisher brackets, cabinets, and fire blankets just to name a few. We have a large and extensive inventory.


Hydrostatic Tester

FESCO is a D.O.T. Certified Hydrostatic Testing Facility. We have a hydrostatic tester with which the integrity of the gas cylinder is tested.


FESCO offers Barcoding of your fire protection equipment. Let FESCO help you meet your JCAHO and CMS requirements!

Service Eye Washing Stations

FESCO can complete the service and Monthly inspection of your Eye Washing Stations and Systems. This keeps your employee’s protected from harm and ensures your company is compliant with the OSHA requirement of monthly inspections.

Fire Hose Adaptors

We are one of the few companies that is licenced to sell the Louisville Fire Hose Adaptors. We have them in every size.

FESCO provides Fire & Safety Equipment to customers in Louisville, KY and the surrounding communities.