Fire Alarm Systems

FESCO’s professional staff provides design, installation, programming and training of automatic detection and fire alarm systems to protect a wide variety of standard and special hazards systems. All system designs are reviewed by NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) certified technicians, a recognized standard of excellence. In addition, all field personnel are factory trained on the products we sell. This ensures the very best service for our customers, from project concept to acceptance testing.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm and detection systems deliver critical notifications in the event of a fire. These systems provide protection day and night.  Whether you make corrugated boxes, process chemicals or own a restaurant, FESCO can recommend a fire alarm and detection system as well as other controls to fit your organization’s needs.  We have a variety of equipment, systems and services to fit any size building. Fire alarm and detection systems are the brains behind life safety support. From the most complex intelligent systems for networked buildings to small conventional fire alarm systems. When you want the very best for your next fire alarm inspection, our professionals are waiting for your call.

Detection and Alarm Systems

Building fire alarm systems range from small, conventional systems to large computer based intelligent, networked systems. FESCO can provide the analysis, design and installation of systems best suited to provide a reliable, code compliant and cost effective solution for your facility. FESCO can also furnish and install mass notification alerting systems for commercial, industrial and educational facilities.

Air Sampling Smoke Detection

Air sampling smoke detection systems provide the earliest possible warning in the event of a fire by taking a continuous sample of air in the protected area. This air sample is analyzed for minute particles generated by the products of combustion and is 1000 times more sensitive than standard ionization or photoelectric spot type smoke detectors. When properly designed and installed these systems can detect fire in its earliest stages, alerting personnel and avoiding costly suppression system discharges.

Flame Detection Systems

High-speed flame detectors are used to detect quick burning flammable gas or material and are usually interlocked with suppression systems. A fire is detected in seconds to help limit the damage it may cause. Flame detectors are solutions for applications in which risk to personnel is high and where fire might result in a large loss of equipment. Beyond critical life-safety concerns, our products have proven to minimize total cost of ownership while minimizing false alarms.

Mass Notification Systems

Mass notifications systems are used communicate emergency situations to those in harms path, whether it be fire emergencies, active shooter events, bomb threats, weather events, etc.. Fire alarm systems are ideal candidates to leverage for these systems, they offer a method to communicate to the occupants of a facility or campus simultaneously. Let FESCO help you understand how best to utilize existing or new systems to help protect those who depend on you.


FESCO offers Barcoding of your fire protection equipment. Let FESCO help you meet your JCAHO and CMS requirements!

From concept to final inspection FESCO brings experience and expertise to all phases of fire alarm and detection system projects.

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