Suppression Systems

Suppression systems use different methods for detection including smoke and/or heat detectors and manual activation. Upon initiation, the system will deliver the appropriate amount of fire suppressant agent to the affected area in order to put out the fire. There are a number of suppressant agents that have a host of uses. Typically, fire suppression systems deliver a fire-extinguishing agent from a storage container to a defined protected area through a fixed-pipe network.

FESCO will match the proper agent to your hazard:

1.       Clean Agent

 • FM-200

 • Novec 1230

2.       Dry Chemical

3.       Carbon Dioxide

 • High Pressure Co2

 • Low Pressure Co2

4.       Foam

We also offer Halon and other clean agent removal services!

FESCO provides Fire & Safety Equipment to customers in Louisville, KY and the surrounding communities.